Secoh EL-80-15 Air Pump
  • Rainproof enclosure - Conforms to UL1450
  • Quiet Operation, 33 db (A)
  • Easy Maintenance - Occasional filter change necessary
  • Low Power Consumption, Vibration & Pulsation, Smooth airflow delivery
  • Oil Free Operation - Guarantees contamination free airflow

Secoh Linear Diaphragm Air Pumps are compact and light in construction and provide solid performance in septic aeration.

Max. Airflow2.82 cfm
Max. Pressure2.1 psig
Volts115V, 60HZ, 61W
Weight18.7 lbs
Dimensions9.72"L x 7.91"W x 8.50"H
Pump must always be installed above water level. Pump that is set below the back flowing of the water may cause an electrical short circuit, leading to leakage and premature pump failure.

Secoh EL-80-15 Air Pump

Item #: FPZEL80

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